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Tuesday 5th, October 2021React Day 
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Join us for one day of React (Native) 
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Colby Fayock

Adding a second pair of eyes with visual testing

Developer Advocate

Learning by doing is the best way to learn and it’s how Colby Fayock helps others learn Javascript, React, and the static web. His work includes technical writing, videos on YouTube, courses on, two books, and working with the development community as a Developer Advocate for Applitools.

Shawn Swyx Wang

Sagas: Components for time

Head of Developer Experience

swyx has worked on React and serverless JavaScript at Two Sigma, Netlify and AWS, and now serves as Head of Developer Experience at He has started and run communities for hundreds of thousands of developers, like Svelte Society, /r/reactjs, and the React TypeScript Cheatsheet. His nontechnical writing was recently published in the Coding Career Handbook for Junior to Senior developers.

Milica Aleksić

React developers in a wild world of native apps

Software Engineer
Badin Soft

Software Engineer living and working in Serbia. Tech Lead in Badin Soft with experience working on React and React Native apps. Loves teaching and mentoring, and considers it a work of heart. Supporting women who code and inspiring girls in their path to become successful developers.

Deeksha Sharma

Headless architecture: How to avoid a frontend monolith

Unicorn Developer

Deeksha Sharma is a full-stack engineer who loves to design product workflows. She has added value to banking, finance, open-source licensing, education, and e-commerce projects through her work. As an author with Pluralsight, she contributed multiple courses to their web development library. Deeksha is also the core contributor and mentor at Bonsaiilabs. In addition, she helps rural and urban kids on computer science projects through a volunteering program with eVidyaloka. She either sketches illustrations, reads books, or explores local red wine and coffee beans when not working.

Bonnie Schulkin

React query and auth: Who is responsible for what?

Software Engineer and Trainer

Bonnie has over 18 years of experience in the software industry, and she loves to teach. Her current coding passions are testing and React, but she is always learning and discovering new favorite technologies. These days, Bonnie devotes her time to creating online courses and articles to make it easier for others to skill up.

Emily Thomas

How micro-frontends and NextJS can 4x site performance

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager and Tech Lead at Bellhop focused on creating the best customer experience in the moving industry.

Anna Carey

Learning TypeScript in React during year one: From scary squiggly Lines to my most helpful pairing buddy

Software Engineer

Anna Carey is a full-stack software engineer at Artsy, the largest online marketplace for fine art. Prior to rejoining Artsy as a software engineer, Anna began her career at the same company as a communications manager. Anna frequently writes and speaks about her experience breaking into tech and has been published by OneZero, Medium’s official technology publication. She has been a featured speaker at the TypeScript Conference, Momentum Developer Conference, the Flatiron School’s global reunion event, and guest lectures at the University of California, Berkeley. Anna graduated from the Flatiron School's full-stack software engineering boot camp in New York and holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley in a self-design major called “Art and Technology.” When she’s not coding, writing, or speaking, Anna is usually running, biking, doing yoga, or lifting weights in her home borough of Brooklyn.

Ishan Anand

A crash course in core web vitals for React developers

Chief Technology Officer

Ishan Anand is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Layer0, a platform that makes headless websites faster for users and easier for developers, and curator of Core Web Vitals Newsletter. He has been launching mobile products for the iPhone since the day it was released, and his work has been featured on TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, and LifeHacker.

Atila Fassina

Multi-thread demystified

Lead Frontend Engineer

Atila Fassina is on a mission to make code simple. When not recording screencasts or courses, you may find him either writing and talking about jamstack, performance, or developer tooling.

React Day New York 2019 Talks

See the talks from our 2019 conference in Brooklyn Bowl.

React day new-york
Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess

Software Engineering manager at Netflix

Talk title:

Testing into a better user experience

Didrik Steen Hegna

Didrik Steen Hegna

Head of Design at Crystallize

Talk title:

Frontend performance from a designer’s perspective

John Bristowe

John Bristowe

Developer Adocate at Progress Software

Talk title:

Building Robust Components with Storybook for React

Jared Palmer

Jared Palmer

Lead Engineer at The Palmer group

Talk title:

Data Fetching with React Suspense

Kathleen McMahon

Kathleen McMahon

Senior Frontend Engineer and Tech Lead at O’Reilly Media

Talk title:

Accessibility-flavored React components make your design system delicious!

Omri Bruchim

Omri Bruchim

Head of mobile platform development at

Talk title:

React Native at Wix - Architecture for Apps in Scale

Matthew Gerstman

Matthew Gerstman

Software Engineer at Dropbox

Talk title:

Building a typed and code split Redux store

Phips Peter

Phips Peter

Tech Lead, Adoption teams at Asana

Talk title:

A Field Guide To Architecting Complex SPAs in React

James O’Reilly

James O’Reilly

Vice President, Software Engineering at Discovery Inc.

Talk title:

Software as a Product Line: Building at Scale Through the Strategic Art of Reuse

Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit

Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

Talk title:

Full Stack React in the Era of Serverless Computing

Yuraima Estevez

Yuraima Estevez

Software Engineer at The New York Times

Talk title:

Be a React a11y: Making React applications work for everyone

Donavon West

Donavon West

Developer Relations at American Express

Talk title:

React Hooks Tips and.../Don

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