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React Day
New York

September 13th, 2019


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September 13th, 2019
Brooklyn Bowl
Hot dogs

Up your game and network

Join us for one day and evening of React(Native) and tech conference & networking in Brooklyn, New York. This Friday 13th React Day at the incredible Brooklyn Bowl is for sharing the latest techniques, best practices and to grow your network.

This is an intimate React Day with only 300 available tickets.


Check out these amazing speakers and what their talks are going to be about:

Nader Dabit
Nader DabitAmazon Web Services
Developer AdvocateUSA
Matthew Gerstman
Matthew GerstmanDropbox
Software Engineer
Phips Peter
Phips PeterAsana
Tech Lead, Adoption teams
Head of mobile platform development
Didrik Steen Hegna
Didrik Steen HegnaCrystallize
Lead product designer
Ryan Burgess
Ryan BurgessNetflix
Software engineering manager
Donavon West
Donavon WestAmerican Express
Developer Relations
Yuraima Estevez
Yuraima EstevezThe New York Times
Software Engineer
Kathleen McMahon
Kathleen McMahonO’Reilly Media
Senior Frontend Engineer and Tech Lead for the O’Reilly Design System
Jose Rodriguez
Jose RodriguezDiscovery, Inc.
Tech Lead
James O’Reilly
James O’ReillyDiscovery, Inc.
Vice President, Software Engineering
John Bristowe
John BristoweProgress
Progress Software, Developer Advocate
Jared Palmer
Jared PalmerThe Palmer Group
Lead Engineer


08:00 am
09:10 am
09:20 am
Donavon West - American Express
React Hooks Tips and Tricks
I've been coding with Hooks since they were announced at React Conf last October. I write about Hooks as the managing editor of the American Express Technology Blog.
09:50 am
Yuraima Estevez - The New York Times
Be a React a11y: Making React applications work for everyone
React has quickly become one of the most popular front-end libraries for creating web applications. But how much do we know about how well these interfaces work for *all* of our users, including those with disabilities or impairments?
10:20 am
Coffee break
10:40 am
Nader Dabit - Amazon Web Services
Full Stack React in the Era of Serverless Computing
When people think about cloud computing, they typically think about servers & back end development. This is starting to change. With the emergence of more & more powerful & sophisticated managed services like AWS AppSync, Cloudinary, Algolia, Auth0 & Firebase, it's completely possible for front-end engineers to build full-stack web & mobile applications while with almost no back-end code, relying on these services to do the heavy lifting for features like data layers, search, authentication, authorization, & more. In this talk, I'll talk about this philosophy in depth & then show how (live-code) to build a full-stack web application in just a few minutes by using React & AWS Amplify React to quickly build a real-world application complete with a GraphQL API, authentication & authorization, & hosting.
11:10 am
James O’Reilly & Jose Rodriguez- Discovery, Inc.
Software as a Product Line: Building at Scale Through the Strategic Art of Reuse
It has been one year since Discovery Communications acquired Scripps Networks Interactive to become Discovery, Inc., a leading global media organization in the real-life entertainment space. With 18 unique brands across nine platforms, Discovery is now the largest IP owner in media with an audience of consumers who are unique to each of our brands. The problem to solve became: how do we scale 162 different binaries to send to app stores, and leverage reuse of our products across brands without delivering the same experience? What resulted was one React Native codebase to cover eight of the nine platforms. Additionally, we created a layout renderer so that the application itself is not pre-built with the user experience. Instead, a personalized user experience is delivered to the application at run-time for rendering. In our React talk, we can go into more detail about what our solution to this problem offers consumers.We can also demo a number of features including: How we develop and maintain a universal component library to support multiple applications, how we handle custom product needs not shared by other applications, how we create screen layouts and customer experiences using composable atomic elements, how we handle theming and styling of generic components to be product or device specific.
11:40 am
Phips Peter - Asana
A Field Guide To Architecting Complex SPAs in React
Asana has over 100 product engineers and 2,500 components all in one single page application. Managing that complexity requires strong design patterns and principles. This talk will explain those principles by doing an in-depth examination into how we built our Boards feature. Come to this talk to hear about the real world consequences of the architectural decisions we’ve made after 5 years of using React + TypeScript.
12:00 pm
Lunch break
01:20 pm
Matthew Gerstman - Dropbox
Building a typed and code split Redux store
Codesplitting is hard. Codesplitting with type checking is even harder. Building a strongly typed system around a library built on top of generics and indirection? Now that sounds impossible. But we did it at Dropbox, and I’m here to show you how you can do it too. This talk will cover how we built a sane, code split, and strongly typed Redux store that is easy for consumers to use. I wrote a short article about this last year. This will be more in depth and better visualized Check it!
01:50 pm
Didrik Steen Hegna - Crystallize
Frontend performance from a designer’s perspective
02:10 pm
Coffee break
02:30 pm
Omri Bruchim - Wix
React Native at Wix - Architecture for Apps in Scale
Ever wondered how to use microservices approach in a FEDmobile application? hesitating to choose React Native for your big project? I’m here to eliminate the school of thought that React Native is mostly for small mobile applications. Around 3 years ago, with 4 developers and a few hundred lines of code, Wix started the journey with React Native. We’ve grown a lot since and in order to enable ~70 Wix mobile developers, from 15 different teams, to easily integrate their code into the app, we had to rewrite the app’s architecture, implement new framework and think more like an OS to allow each team integrate their mini app ('Module') into the main Wix’s React Native mobile platform (aka 'Engine'). A simple analogy to better understand the relation between 'Engine' & 'Module', would be the same as Chrome & Extensions or iOS & Apps. This 'Engine' includes principles like: Memory management & modules lazy loading, communication channels between modules, dependency management and code sharing. And the biggest part of the puzzle, a single native project (iOS & Android) for all modules, enabling them to test their JS modules independently without using Xcode or Android Studio. Keeping that in mind, we are still able to increase our app codebase with no limitations.
03:00 pm
Kathleen McMahon - O’Reilly Media
Accessibility-flavored React components make your design system delicious!
Design systems are a popular way for teams to flavor their design and development workflow. However, an often-missing ingredient in many design systems is a focus on accessibility best practices — especially when component libraries are involved. In this talk, we’ll take a look at how you can mix some commonly-used components with the ingredients of accessibility. Pair this with best practices guidance in your documentation, and you’ll have the recipe for a delectably inclusive design system.
03:20 pm
Coffee break
03:50 pm
Jared Palmer - The Palmer Group
Data Fetching with React Suspense
Despite all the warnings, our team has been fetching data with React Suspense since it was introduced last year. In this talk, I'll talk about some of the challenges we faced and some of our solutions as well as what to expect from the React core team later this year.
04:10 pm
John Bristowe - Progress
Building Robust Components with Storybook for React
Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient. John has spent the past few months working with Storybook. He has been successful creating a Storybook for a React component library called Kendo UI, which you can see here: kendoreact - This talk would provide attendees with an overview of what Storybook is, how it works, how it can be used in a development environment for component development, and highlight many examples of Storybook in the real world. It should inspire React developers to incorporate it into their development workflow/ process.
04:30 pm
Ryan Burgess - Netflix
Testing into a better user experience
We are all talented designers and engineers that strive to create the best user experience. Unfortunately, we don’t always know what the best user experience is until a new feature is in production and used by our customers. That’s where the power of A/B testing comes into play! At Netflix, we are constantly running A/B tests to improve our user experience. Find out how to handle A/B testing at scale, what it takes to build the optimal test, and how to start implementing A/B tests within your company.
05:00 pm
06:00 pm
Dinner & evening entertainment
You will enjoy a delicious dinner at Brooklyn Bowl, and then you will have the change to play bowling or dance to the rhythm of great music from a Dj while enjoying a drink or a cocktail.


This is included in your conference ticket price:

  • access to a full-day conference at the unique Brooklyn Bowl
  • talks from international renowned speakers
  • beverages, snacks, coffee and tea throughout the day and evening delicious lunch and dinner served at the venue
  • afterparty with music, bowling, drinks


Incredible conference venue

React New York will take place at a truly unique and unusual place, which is one of the best venues in Brooklyn, New York City: the extraordinary Brooklyn Bowl. It’s the perfect location combining a bowling alley, two bars, a restaurant and a big stage. Quoting none other than the Rolling Stone: “Brooklyn Bowl blows our's one of the most incredible places on Earth!".

Make sure you’ll be a part of this event that will provide you with critically acclaimed food by Blue Ribbon in a unique atmosphere that allows to share knowledge and meet like-minded folks.

We're excited to welcome developers of all backgrounds, skill sets and experience levels to join us for a day of high-quality content and great conversations with others in the developer community.

This is the address of the conference venue:

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn Bowl

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We’re looking for people who care deeply about customers and are passionate about building products that improve the way millions of teams work together.

As a member of the team developing the software of a product-led company, you won’t just code — you will be an integral part of the
entire product development process, from conception to post-launch reflection. Asana is helping teams in 195 countries become significantly more productive with our leading work management platform. You will be manifesting continuous improvements of their experience and helping us achieve our mission to enable all teams to work together effortlessly.

Asana’s Product Engineering team works closely with Product and Data Science teams to develop iterations and new features of our platform. The team does full-stack work on all parts of the platform, from the core of a feature to the UI displaying it. We’re looking for outstanding people anywhere to help us innovate and scale, and we offer relocation. Learn more about our Eng team at

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As a frontend developer in Crystallize, you will join the product development team in creating our super fast GraphQL based PIM. Crystallize is an eCommerce API service that makes building eCommerce solutions in React a breeze.

If you have a passion for frontend performance, love developing in React and have an eye for details we would like to speak with you.

Learn more about the frontend developer positions at Crystallize.

Position location: Norway.
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As a developer advocate in Crystallize, you will bridge the product development and marketing by making our product information management service more accessible for developers. Crystallize is an eCommerce API service that makes building eCommerce solutions in React a breeze. Help us spread the word.

If you love developing in React, have a passion for fast eCommerce and like to share knowledge about tech we should speak.

Learn more about the developer advocate positions at Crystallize.

Position location: Norway or New York.